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The Beginning

Have you ever felt so stuck that you wanted to give up? At one point that was me. 

I always knew that I was different but I never wanted to listen to how out of place I felt. 

The Struggle

I think I went with the flow for a long period in my life. Then things forced me to stop ignoring my purpose in life.


I kept falling and failing. I was doing everything wrong, trying to avoid the fact that I needed to take charge of my life.  

The Change

Being a mother, there was never an option to just not do anything. I think I was just existing. Through college, through the military, through corporate America, and though life. 

Then enough was enough. I didn't want settle on anything anymore. 

The Now

Now, I am an author and entrepreneur. NO- I am not a motivational speaker. Do I inspire and talk truths? Yes! That sounds more like me. 

I guide businesses, entrepreneurs, and people who were just like me; TIRED, and I help them identify, organize and embrace their current issues then we make them better together. 


What you want in life exists, just don't settle until you get it.

Rochelle M. Thompson

I didn't want to be just fierce online, I wanted to be fierce in life.

The What

  • Crisis Management

  • Career Transition

  • Resume,LinkedIn, & Cover Letter Preparation 

  • Professional & Personal Coaching 

  • Networking effectively 

  • Relationship/Communication improvement 

  • Athletic Coaching and team sessions

The When

The only thing I guarantee is that nothing changes overnight. 

It takes time to get a resume edited, it takes time to create new habits, and it takes time to fight with yourself on following through on your goals when you never had to be accountable. 

However, there is no better time than to start now. 

The Why

I have always been involved in making good things/people better. From processes to mindsets. However, I did it for the wrong reasons.  I had to get my principles in line with the fact, that everyone can't afford talk therapy, and frankly some people never have the resources to create effective change. It is my reponsibility to not just share that to high paying clients, but to everyone who wants to change. 

The How

I create my focus and energy to promote positive change with helping my clients focus on what's important. 

Cognitive Based approaches, Positive Psychology and sound science surrounding changing habits is where we start. 





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