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Exclusive Services

  • Individual Counseling

We can help with the most common challenges that people face including anxiety, depression, relational problems, career transitions, and trauma. In our 1:1 sessions we explore those challenges and develop a plan and tools on how to work through them using models such as: traditional CBT, mindfulness based therapy, and ACT. 

  • Family Counseling

Family therapy is a type of therapy that helps families work through challenges and improve relationships. This is often short-term, and led by a professional psychologist, licensed therapist, social worker, or another mental health professional.Family therapy can assist you and your family members with making important changes in your relationships, be it with your parents, your siblings, your kids, your partner, or another family member. Often, it will involve having important conversations centered around identified issues. Common familial issues include:

  • Marital problems

  • Financial stress

  • Disagreements in parenting

  • Losing a loved one

  • Addiction

  • Mental illness, like depression

Any familial challenge or conflict can be better worked through in family therapy. Family therapy can help you all address the source of stress and conflict, work through painful emotions, and ultimately improve your relationships

  • Individual Coaching

Our coaching approach starts with a blank slate, and together we assess and formulate an understanding of your needs, develop the most effective tools and techniques, and create and implement your own unique plan to accomplishing your goals.  Once your plan is put into action, we test out our new tools and approaches, gather information and data, and continued tailoring.  We look for progress towards your goals and objectives and evaluate your success as our work moves forward.  No coaching engagement is a straight-line, and we will navigate your path – whatever shape it may be – collaboratively and in a systematic, goal-oriented fashion.

  • Executive Coaching

Using our powerful methodology, we partner with our clients to help them be proactive rather than reactive, to develop new capabilities, and to own their results and the impact they have on others. When help individuals capitalize on their increased self-awareness and leadership competencies, to improve their performance and success

  • Business Consulting

We specialize in equity & inclusion, performance and career development, organizational capacity building, and strategic planning.

Let's Work Together

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