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 Standard Fees Effective: 1/1/2024

All Fees are per Hour

Clinical Psychologist

  • Individual $100

  • Family $200

  • Couples $200

Associate Clinician

  • Individual $75

  • Family $100

  • Couples $100

Other Fees

  • Emergency Phone therapy 15 minutes (for ongoing clients only) $25.00

  • Letter must be written on your behalf $100.00 & 15 business day notice.

  • Court Testimony if compelled by subpoena to testify a minimum fee of $800/half day or $1600/full day; plus a $500 preparation time and all fees must be paid 3 days in advance by cashier’s check or credit card. Because of the disruption the court causes to this practice, we will not accept “on-call” requests.

  • Letter for other purposes not in clinical nature or verifying treatment $100.00

  • Missed school letter due to appointment – No fee 

  • Off-site Therapy: $250.00-$250.00 per 60-minute hour, plus travel time. (Portal to portal)


All fees are expected to be paid in full before each session. 

All co-pays must be paid at the time of service and can’t be waived per state law.


Accepted Payment Methods
Cash, debit, all major credit cards, and most major insurances are accepted for payment. A credit or debit card will be required to stay on file for those paying cash or using third-party payment methods in the event of no-show or late canceled sessions.


Because payment for services is ultimately the responsibility of the patient, your card will also be charged in the event that insurance claims are denied by your insurance carrier.  So, we urge you to become familiar with the behavioral health portion of your policy if you have not done so already by contacting the customer service number on your insurance card and asking the questions provided for clarity. 

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