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About Ray

Raymond Mincey was born and raised a Washington D.C. native. He attended Deleware State University, where he pursued his passion in music and community. It was there, that he became a member of the Psi Epsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc Raymond joined and successfully retired from the Metropolitan Police Department after 25 years of dedicated service, as a community and thought leader. 


 During his tenure with the police department, he was assigned to the School Safety Division, Community Outreach, and Youth and Family Engagement Branch, where he created and ran several youth programs and held numerous community events, partnering with several DC Government Agencies, for the residents of the District of Columbia. Ray is certified in conflict resolution, mental health advocacy, peer mediation, and life coaching. His practice focuses on holistic approaches that tap into the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional state of being. Ray is specialized to work with youth, and also adults who need assistance with shifting from one perspective to another in their lives.


Raymond is also the proud single father to five biological children and has been a certified foster parent to 4 additional children over the past ten years.

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I am always looking to connect and new opportunities, please feel free to reach out! 


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